About Me


Since I can remember, I always had a passion for creating, designing and making things. Its a feeling like no other. Like taking fat & alkali and creating a bar of soap. Or unraveling a coil of reed and creating a woven useful basket. Or the idea of a ball of yarn turning into a blanket.  This is my passion, my natural "high". This is my Happy Place.
I am pleased to offer you a line of all natural hand crafted soaps and sugar scrubs.  The bars  are hand cut creating their own distinguished personality. They range from 4.5 to 5 ounces each.
Each of the baskets are hand woven by me giving them their own distinct personality. They are hand crafted using all natural materials.  Each of the colored  weavers are hand dyed prior to weaving into the basket. The dimensions in the product descriptions are approximate. The handles used on the baskets are hand carved from oak. The baskets are finished with a nice brown stain and preserved for a life time of use.
"Today's basket is the perfect touch of yesteryear, a hand-crafted heirloom of the future."

Thank you for the interest in my soaps, scrubs and baskets.